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About us

Expansion of the Sattledt production site More transparency and production power for everyone

Fronius Management Board

As a responsible company, it has been our goal for more than 30 years to operate successfully from an ecological, economic and social perspective in order to ensure sustainability.  

Taking these aspects into account and in the interest of our partners, we have also expanded of our production site in the heart of Europe – in Sattledt, Austria, to be precise.  

Through the expansion, we are not only creating new jobs and more production capacity as a basis for the economic success of everyone involved – 100% of the energy for production as well as heating and cooling of the production facility comes from renewable sources.  

At the same time, the expansion of our Sattledt site is a central element of the European value chain, which holds our full commitment – because we are maintaining our high standards and want to further raise the standards for sustainability and quality in the interest of everyone.

More space for more sustainable success

The expansion of our production site is an important and positive signal to our partners and customers who rely on us and our solutions.



increased by almost 100%



by 70% from 41,000 m2 to 69,000 m2


by 65% per month from 32,000 inverters (end of 2022) to 52,000 inverters (end of 2023)


by 200%


doubling of the production lines


several hundred employees in 3-shift operation

In short, we are more than ready and able to meet the high demand.


Highlights from the new, expanded production

Expanding our production not only increases our production capacities but also ushers in many improvements along our internal value chain. We will thus increase our output of inverters by more than 65% by the end of 2023 while also nearly doubling the site area in Sattledt, Austria. This will create additional production lines and jobs as well as a stable supply for our partners and customers. This is all in line with our well-defined standard for sustainability and premium quality:

Internal logistics and inbound goods

Internal storage capacity has been tripled to handle thousands of pallets daily and millions of components monthly. Delivery is made by truck from regional partners as well as primarily European partners. Optimized inventories sustainably ensure production reliability as well as product quality.

Picking process and the “goods-to-person” principle

A highly efficient, state-of-the-art distribution system forms the basis for producing high-quality products that are free of defects. We ensure optimum utilization of all resources by ensuring our employees prepare the required parts for production in the best possible way in the picking area. The picking employees put together the right package with all the necessary components for each order and product, so their colleagues can assemble the inverters immediately and without interruption. If no picking is necessary, the components are delivered directly to the production line.  Once expansion of the goods-to-person system has been fully completed, 25% more finished component packages can be output to the production lines every day.

High quality solutions for more power

We are more than ready and able to meet the great demand.
Expansion of production area, doubling of production lines, 65% more production capacity
- all for our vision "24 hours sun".

Production lines of our inverters

What makes our production lines exceptional is their interconnection: between the individual stations, assembly steps and tests, the individual parts, assembled units and finished inverters are transported automatically via conveyor belts, shuttles or an overhead conveyor line. Increasing the degree of automation on the new lines also means further optimization of productivity, space utilization, quality and process stability. In 3-shift operation, several hundred employees work with precision and passion on the inverters of our partners and customers worldwide.

Quality check in the test center

Before an inverter arrives at the test center, it has already undergone several checks. The final tests are performed in the test center and are fully automated, and conclude with a continuous load test. Release and further transport to the packaging line only occurs if all results are positive. All other devices are checked again manually and once more subjected to the final tests. In all, an inverter spends around two-thirds of its time at the factory on the test bench.

We are creating space for the energy transition

Full automation in the high-bay warehouse

The high-bay rack helps us get the desired goods on their way to our customers even faster. Within a comparatively compact footprint, a lot of goods can be stored long-term or short-term and then retrieved in the 25-meter-high room. The already packed goods are stored on an area that is roughly equivalent to 3 handball fields. The fully automated system enables optimum utilization of the developed space with the least possible sealing of the soil surface. Storage and retrieval are fully automated, so that work efficiency and workplace safety go hand in hand – and long walking distances and hard-to-find goods are a thing of the past. Work in this area is also performed in three shifts, six days a week.

Process improvements at outbound logistics

The picking area for outgoing goods has also been adapted. The capacity will be doubled with completion of the project. This means that even more inverters will reach our customers even faster. All this ensures sustainable success: satisfied partners and customers are also loyal partners and customers.

Taking off together

With our production expansion, we have created the best conditions for joint success. Do you want to become a Fronius partner or already are and have questions? Then contact us today.
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